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International Relations and Psychology
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Essays and Writings for Psychology Courses

How Well Do We Really Know Others?

Level One

Attachment Patterns

Love Through the Different Stages of Life*

Mead Argued The Self Emerges from Social Experience

The Media's Increasing Influence As An Agent Of Socialisation.

Self-Efficacy, Self-Concept and Self-Esteem**

SY14G: Sociology For The Caribbean Mid-Semestre Test.

Level Two

Albert Bandura

Anxiety and Phobias

Determinants of Condoms Use

What Is Meant By The Concept of Motivational Loss? How Can The Conditions That Produce Motivational Loss In Groups Be Reduced or Eliminated?

Verbal Reason Instrument

The Effects of Practice on Dual Task Activities, Both With and Without Articularoy Suppression

*Alana Tappin
**Alethea Hamilton

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