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International Relations and Psychology
International Relations
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Essays and wrtings for International Relations courses

Diplomacy In Action

Level One

Cold War: The Wall Comes Down and Conclusion (A Review)

Americas: Get Up, Stand Up: Problems of Sovereignty (A Review)

Using Russia As Your Example, Is Post communism Better or Worse Than Communism?

Critically Discuss The Pros and Cons of Using Referendums to Make Decisions in a Democracy*

The Violence In Israel / Palestine

To What Extent and Why are Unconventional Forms of Political Behaviour Becoming More Widespread. Use illustrations From the Caribbean or Elsewhere**

Level Two

"The threat of US war with Iraq is a contemporary example that supports the perspective that Realism and its variants remain viable to Internatuonal Relation" Discuss the main tenets of the theory and use four major world events, including at least one contemporary one to support this position.

Non-Governmental Organisations and Their Influence On International Society by Ann Marie Clarke: A Review.

*Alethea Hamilton
**Michelle Gibson

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